Crimal Justice Reform

Phyllis advocates for real prison reform, shifting the focus from punishment to rehabilitation, restoration, and elevation. She opposes harsh sentences for petty crimes and is determined to end the 3-strikes law for certain offenses. Phyllis believes in redemption and supports restoring the rights of formerly incarcerated individuals upon completion of their sentences, aiding their reintegration into society and employment.

  • End mandatory minimum sentencing 
  • End the three-strikes rule
  • Return voting rights to those formerly incarcerated even if they have court fees and fines
  • End private for-profit prisons
  • Mandatory counseling and behavioral analyst for incarcerated criminals
  • Give those incarcerated better opportunities to get an education while inside
  • Legalize marijuana and free incarcerated individuals of marijuana crimes
  • Expunge the records of marijuana offenders


Families and workers in Alabama deserve liberty, freedom, and prosperity. It's time that we elect a leader that will uphold the promise of the American Dream and restore dignity back to our lives. Here is how I will do that for us!

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