Economic Justice

In America, nearly every American is struggling with the daily costs of life. Nearly 70% of Americans would struggle to meet an unexpected expense of $400, according to a report by the Federal Reserve. The cost of food, housing, and basic life necessities have risen exponentially and working-class Americans are suffering from stagnant wages and benefit cuts. It’s time that our government gets back to working for the American workers that contribute to the country’s success. 

Here are my plans to help working-class people and families find hope once more in the American Dream.

Workers & jobs

  • Increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour 
  • Enact paid medical and family leave for every American worker
  • Build Stronger Union Protection Laws 
  • Support the passage of the PRO-Act (Protecting the Right to Organize Act)
  • End union busting
  • Equal pay for equal work, eliminating pay inequalities for women and disabled workers.


  • Stop corporations from buying and owning homes in bulk, homes should be owned by people, not corporations. Corporations tend to price the people out of affordable homes and take capital out of the hands of the people. 
  • Protect middle-class families from tax hikes and repeal the 2017 Trump tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.
  • Re-introduce the Child-Tax credit and extend it for 15 years.
  • Support the American Opportunity Accounts Act, legislation that would create a federally-funded savings account for every child to make economic opportunity a birthright for everyone in America and help close the racial wealth gap.
  • End corporate price-gouging on essential products  to keep costs low
  • Support Student Debt Cancellation

Rural Economic Development

  • Prioritize federal funding for infrastructure development in rural counties that have been left out for far too long.
  • Prioritize Broadband access in rural counties so that businesses and education can expand.
  • Prioritize Education training programs investments in rural counties. 
  • Promote the importance of agri-business in rural counties and financially support agri-business and small farmers.
  • Invest in rural healthcare infrastructure by increasing funding for telehealth and telemedicine in rural counties.
  • Support “Right to Repair” legislation that allows farmers to outsource repairs for their equipment
  • Stop big agriculture from ruining small family farms
  • Make government-owned farmland available as incubators for beginning farmers
  • Provide funding to rebuild rural healthcare infrastructure, including hospitals, ambulance services, clinics, and emergency departments


Families and workers in Alabama deserve liberty, freedom, and prosperity. It's time that we elect a leader that will uphold the promise of the American Dream and restore dignity back to our lives. Here is how I will do that for us!

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