Small Businesses

Corporate America is doing just fine while tech giants like Amazon continue to pay $0.00 in federal taxes. The American spirit embodies our ability to build and grow small businesses because we know small businesses fuel job growth.

I believe innovation is a must to rebuild our economy after COVID-19, and I want to move us forward into new industries like digital businesses, technical careers, cleaner energy, and specialty farming. People have shown resiliency throughout the pandemic. I will support small business accelerators as economic engines to generate creativity and ingenuity, and eventually more jobs.

  • Invest in Vocational and Trade Education
  • Invest in small business incubators
  • Expand on “Buy American” and “Buy Local” to increase jobs
  • Provide grants to small businesses and innovative startups


Families and workers in Alabama deserve liberty, freedom, and prosperity. It's time that we elect a leader that will uphold the promise of the American Dream and restore dignity back to our lives. Here is how I will do that for us!

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